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30.08.2018 - Tibia Coins and Tibia Gold prices:
250 TIBIA COINS 10.5 USD TIBIA COINS sellable on market
1000 TIBIA COINS 40 USD TIBIA COINS sellable on market
50 TIBIA COINS 2.5 USD TIBIA COINS sellable on market

OPEN PvP worlds 3.90 USD per 1kk (100 cc)
OPTIONAL PvP worlds 3.90 USD per 1kk (100 cc)
OPEN OPTIONAL PvP worlds 35 USD per 10kk (1000 cc)
INFERNA / DOLERA 9.90 USD per 1kk (100 cc)
BENEVA / VELUDERA / MORTERA 4.90 USD per 1kk (100 cc)
ELDERA / MORTA / CHRONA7 USD per 1kk (100 cc)
OSERA / XYLANA 4.90 USD per 1kk (100 cc)
AURORA / AURERA 3 USD per 1kk (100 cc)
CALVA / CALVERA 3.90 USD per 1kk (100 cc)
Prices in EURO press €
Belobra, Ferobra, Serdebra, Tavara and Verlana gold stock added!

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