Tibia Gold is a virtual currency from Tibia game its the most abundant item in Tibia. People name it as Tibia GP or Tibia Money there also Crystal Coins or Platnium Coins, theres a tons of Tibia gold turnover every day in game. Without Tibia Gold game wouldnt exist since you can use it to buy better equipment for your character, deal with gold with NPC, or buy valuable tibia items on market.

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100 Crystal Coins = 1000k = 1kk = 1000000 gp = 1 MLN

Our Tibia Store selling multiple packets of 1kk gold. Simple to add more gold to your order just update your cart by adding new product. If you have any questions please contact with our customer support.

OPEN PvP worlds 4 USD per 1kk (100 cc)

OPTIONAL PvP worlds 4 USD per 1kk (100 cc)

OPEN OPTIONAL PvP worlds 35 USD per 10kk (1000 cc)

INFERNA / DOLERA 10.5 USD per 1kk (100 cc)

BENEVA / VELUDERA / MORTERA 5 USD per 1kk (100 cc)

ELDERA / MORTA 9 USD per 1kk (100 cc)

CHRONA / OSERA / XYLANA 6 USD per 1kk (100 cc)

AURORA / AURERA 3 USD per 1kk (100 cc)

CALVA / CALVERA 4 USD per 1kk (100 cc)